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PCMC to work with Tim Carlson on new Advisory Board

Carlson Brings Three Decades of Experience to NEDAB

LAS VEGAS, NV, April 25, 2007 - "We are very pleased that Tim Carlson will join the Nevada Economic Development Advisory Board (NEDAB) as a key consultant," said Stephen Brock, President and CEO of Public Company Management Corporation (OTCBB: PUBC). "His vast experience in both in government and in business will make him an invaluable asset for companies seeking to raise capital in this state. His commitment to NEDAB, and as a consultant to PCMC, will help support our company's promotion of business growth in the state by helping companies at a key point in the process of going public - finding investors and winning their financial support." The streamlined process for taking a private firm public, and generating up to $1 million in capital, is one of the points that NEDAB stresses to businesses of all sizes throughout the country.

NEDAB is a council of businesspeople and legislators who share a vision of diversified economic growth through participation in capital markets, and are working with other businesses and the government to make that vision a reality. The Advisory Board on which Mr. Carlson will serve was created in January of this year in order to assemble a team of elite business advisors to assist PCMC in its efforts within the state.

Mr. Carlson's consulting expertise will be tapped primarily as the Agent of the Issuer, which is the person who markets the stock of private companies that go public in Nevada. He will also act as a bond consultant.

"Our state has some of the most business-friendly laws in the country, especially for companies going public," PCMC President Stephen Brock added. "Mr. Carlson will help Nevada companies - and companies coming to Nevada - take advantage of those laws."

With more than 30 years government and business development experience, Tim Carlson has gained national recognition for his ability to bring diverse groups together. His outside-the-box business mentality has resulted in the development of many public/private partnerships and business-to-business joint ventures. In addition, his work in the field of energy development has earned him recognition as a leader in renewable energy technologies as well as a creator of the regulations that opened the door for renewables in Nevada.

Over the last three decades, Nevada's Governors O'Callaghan, List, Bryan and presently Guinn, have appointed Mr. Carlson to various committees and positions, including Executive Director of the Nevada Development Authority, Executive Director of the Nevada Commission on Economic Development and Chief Executive Officer of the Nevada Test Site Development Corporation, a commercialization partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy. Most recently, he was appointed by Governor Guinn to represent the wind industry on the Nevada Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Task Force.