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Clean car care

I used to complain about the City closing the beaches after the heavy rains in summer here. I never used to think it was my fault.

Well, mostly it isn't. But now, I do my small part to help keep our lake and river clean. You see, my car is 12 years old. So sometimes I change my own oil, top off the antifreeze, and this year, I patched some holes in the rocker panels. That meant grinding, sanding, and painting in my drive. I used to just leave oil spills, paint chips and metal dust for the rain to wash away. Wash right into the St. Clair.

I don't anymore. I sweep it up or soak it up. Takes about three minutes. It's not much, but clean water doesn't start with $200 million sewer separation, it starts in each of our yards and driveways. A century ago, people said, "There are only 300 of us. What difference can I make?" Today, people say, "I'm one of 3 million, what difference can I make?" That argument didn't hold water then, and it doesn't hold water now.

Make a difference.