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Euro Puppy is Back in the News

Euro Puppy continues to be the premier source of puppies of championship lines from reputable dealers. A recognized worldwide supplier, the Hungarian company now offers its puppies on three new sites and in two additional languages. It has also added a new distribution point in North America.

Euro Puppy president Sandor Fagyal explained, "In this last year we put our energy not only into growth, but into maintaining the quality that made us successful in the first place. For a while, that meant we didn't even have time to announce our improvements."

Some of the more notable upgrades to the company include:

Updated Web site The new, trendy website, is easier to navigate, contains more detailed information, and has "protected" its photos. There are now rewritten procedures to make purchases smoother; updated FAQs to match the updated procedures, and refined its world map for users everywhere.

The quality of the photos and videos of puppies on the site has always been superior. In fact, it created a problem for the company. Their photos were often copied and stolen from the site. Euro Puppy has now added a "watermark" to all its photos, protecting them from unauthorized use.

Customize your price Euro Puppy added a new service in its revamped website: customers can have the level of shipping, pedigree, and insurance that matches their needs and budget. The new service is not available from any other pet-related Web site, can be accessed directly from any puppy's description page.

New sites in German and Spanish The number of Euro Puppy's customers who speak German and Spanish has increased. As a result, two new sites were launched in July 2006: in German, and in Spanish. The new sites were based on the template of the upgraded parent site, so Euro Puppy carried over all of the home-site improvements to the new sites.

New Spanish speaker In conjunction with the opening of the Spanish site, Euro Puppy brought a mother-tongue Spanish speaker on board. "In order to better care for our expanding clientele of Spanish speakers, both in Americas and in Europe, we hired Lorena in August 2006," Sandor explains. Lorena hails from Mexico but works from the US state of Massachusetts (north of New York City), which is just about mid-way between customers from the west coast of the US and customers in Western Europe. She also answers inquiries from Central and South America.

New guarantees In order to increase its level of service, Euro Puppy now offers both longer and shorter guarantee periods than the standard one-year. Customers can match guarantees to their budgets and needs in this department, too. Pedigreed puppies can now be purchased with 30-day, one-year or two-year guarantees.

Sandor concludes, "We have always delivered the best puppies in the world. Now our service is world-class, too."