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One of a series of press releases for this Nevada-based service company.

Dr. Frei's conference

The March 2nd and 3rd Dr. Emil Frei III Symposium may prove a watershed in Nevada's growth, both from a medical as well as a general business perspective. The symposium comes at a time when the state is debating major funding for a health initiative that is unlike what is found in most other states.

in Nevada the various medical programs offered by the state's colleges, community colleges, and universities, are not linked to one another. This means not only that the institutions do not know what is going any anywhere but at home; they also compete against one another for staff, space, and funding.

This year the legislature is considering funding an initiative that would link these programs together, offering many improvements to the health care of its citizens. This is especially important in a state that already suffers from one of the worst doctor/patient ratios in America. The dismal ratio affects not only citizens, but also businesses, both those resident in the state and those considering coming here. The improvements to medical education would be systemic, helping Nevada produce more doctors, increase educational programs for both doctors and nurses, improve research and ultimately improve patient care.

The legislature is debating an initial amount of nearly $200 million, but its support for any amount will be based in part on private contributions and public demand to support the effort. This is where Dr. Frei's Symposium may be a catalyst.
Dr. Emil Frei III is one of the world's leading oncologists, a pioneer of chemotherapy and a leader in medical research, clinical practice and education. His distinguished career includes 40 years in top leadership positions at National Cancer Institute, M. D. Anderson, and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. He continues as Physician-in-Chief, Emeritus, at Dana-Farber.
Dr. Frei has made Las Vegas his home with his family since 2004 and already has close ties to the community. He serves on the chapter board of the Southern Nevada Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, which will be hosting the inaugural Dr. Emil Frei III Symposium in March 2007. He also previously worked with current Nevada Cancer Institute Director Nicholas Vogelzang, M.D., on the Cancer and Leukemia Group B (CALGB) clinical research group, of which Dr. Frei was Chairman at the time.
"I'm pleased to be undertaking this initiative," said Dr. Frei. "I look forward to working with the local research institutions and other healthcare and life sciences innovators to develop worthy new technologies and bring them to [Nevada]."
Dr. Frei is fully in support of the health center initiative for Nevada, and is supporting the growth and improvement of health care in Nevada by sponsoring this Symposium. He hopes that the exposure the Symposium garners will alert Nevadans to the enormous opportunity that exists this year to move their state to a higher plane of health care.

Dr. Frei has stated that the Symposium, his first in Nevada [check out this fact], will become an annual event. Among the honors he will receive at the March 2nd reception are letters of commendation from several US Senators and Congressmen, and proclamations from Governor Jim Gibbons. The reception is open to the public.

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