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One of a series of press releases for this Nevada-based service company.

PCMC Appoints Paul Henry to Nevada Economic Development Advisory Board

Paul Henry Brings both State and National Legal Credentials to the Position

LAS VEGAS, NV, April 25, 2007 - Public Company Management Company (OTCBB: PUBC) appointed Paul Henry to its Nevada Economic Development Advisory Board (NEDAB). The Board encourages the development of Nevada as the preferred domicile for new companies, expanding companies, and private firms going public, and focuses its efforts within the state. The Board's members serve as advisors to PCMC in its efforts to contribute to Nevada's continued economic growth by promoting the state's numerous economic development incentives, business-friendly climate, and by showing why incorporation in Nevada is a smart business move for capital and growth.

"We are proud to have such a distinguished expert on our Board," said Stephen Brock, President and CEO of PCMC. "Mr. Henry's extensive experience in law, both in Washington and here in Nevada, will make him an invaluable asset to any company exploring the legal benefits of moving to the state. He can help new companies reach the most profitable solutions in their move here." Mr. Brock pointed out that while the Advisory Board's main concentration will be within the state, Mr. Henry's national experience will get attention outside of Nevada as well.

Mr. Henry received his J.D. degree from George Washington University National Law Center. He began his career in Washington, DC, at Manatt, Phelps, and Philips, where he focused on administrative agency law, practicing before the EPA, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Federal Reserve, among others. He represented several political clients and developed key legal strategies to support Congressional actions and legislation against Constitutional challenges. Mr. Henry then served as General Counsel to a subcommittee of the United States Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, including work on The Clean Water Act, The Clean Air Act, and other bills. Henry also has held several politically appointed posts in the federal government.

Mr. Henry is President/CEO of Henry & Associates, LLC, and since 1997 and has provided legal assistance and guidance to a large number of diverse companies in connection with business development and strategic positioning issues. Mr. Henry served as President of, a start-up company, and played a key role in securing initial rounds of financing as well as developing significant strategic relationships. Most recently, he founded and served as Chairman and CEO of a biotechnology company, and was able to structure a key strategic alliance with a top 20 pharma company as well as to secure significant grant monies from the federal government. He subsequently sold that company and currently serves as its Senior Vice President of Business Development. From that position Mr. Henry has structured and established a number of strategic relationships, developed strategies that have increased federal grant awards to the company, and contributed to its overall marketing and sales effort. He will use his fund raising skills through PCMC to help raise investment capital for companies going public or expanding. He will also do bond consulting.

About Public Company Management Corporation

PUBC is a management consulting services firm that educates and assists companies to improve their business, management and regulatory compliance processes and ultimately to become fully reporting public companies with their securities quoted and traded. PUBC helps companies to understand and prepare to meet the obligations incumbent upon public reporting companies, to access the public capital markets primarily through the companies' self underwriting or direct public offerings of their securities. PUBC also guides and assists them in maintaining their periodic reporting compliance process. PUBC focuses on the small business market which it believes is underserved by larger management consulting services firms. PUBC's marketing strategy focuses on education first and foremost, with Pubco WhitePapers™ as its flagship marketing tool for other services. As a fully reporting, small business issuer with its common stock quoted and traded on the OTCBB, PUBC strives to lead by example.

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