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Part of a series of selling points for a California commercial realtor's Web site.

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How Much?

There is no single best answer to this question. Businessmen know how much space they need now, so we provide a free space plan for potential buyers. This means you can sit down and have an "I wish my office looked like this" meeting with one of our design architects. Some of the considerations are:
  • What things are critical?
  • What do I not have now that would make my office run more efficiently?
  • Do I intend to grow my business, and how much more space might I need?
  • Should I buy extra space as an investment and rent it out until I can utilize it myself in the future? Many of our clients buy more than they need today, planning growth and/or investment with the additional space.
Getting space beyond your current needs also means you can buy at reduced marginal cost. Many of the "sunk costs" of purchasing-research, inspections, appraisal, escrow fees and some closing costs-have to be paid when you acquire any size space. You don't pay these costs a second time when you buy additional square feet, whether for future expansion or investment. And the larger your space, the better price you will get for your tenant improvements.

Our staff will help you walk through this phase.