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The squeaky wheel

The Michigan Department of Transportation has decided to enforce a 50-year-old law that would prevent Port Huron's downtown shops from putting chairs and tables on the street during summer weather. I have reviewed this issue informally with the city attorney. It seems the law was enacted back when restaurant wagons used to park on state highways near public events, and block traffic. At the time, shortly after the Second World War, the law made some sense. It doesn't make sense any longer.

Sidewalk cafés are neither in danger of slowing down traffic, nor of being injured by it. This law should be updated, if appropriate, or rescinded. Judd Gilbert is already working to get this law changed, but he can use my support, and yours, too. I will be in Lansing in March, in part to address this issue with our legislators. But it's up to all of us to make enough noise to get this law changed. In politics, more than in most other areas of life, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. So let's make a little noise about this. Getting this law changed will be a key factor in helping downtown keep growing.