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Almost every Florida resident, property owner, business person, and investor

is probably spending hundreds or thousands of dollars a year for property

insurance coverage that they're not getting!

"Not me!" you might be thinking. If your property insurance premiums have not increased since 2004, you don't have to read this report. If they have, you need to understand why, get proof that those increases were justified, and fight back if they weren't.

This FREE, downloadable report explains how insurance laws were changed in 2004 -with the best of intentions-to address massive storm damage throughout the state, and how insurance companies have used the law to pad insurance premiums, charging property owners for coverage that cannot be paid. It's not just one area or just a few companies; insurance premiums have gone up across the board, hurting homeowners, businesses, and investors everywhere in Florida.

This report explains
  • Why the law was changed
  • How it has been abused
  • How you can fight back!

XXXX Real Estate is leading the movement to educate property owners about this insurance scam and get insurance laws revised to benefit all citizens. Help us fight the abuse of your insurance rates, and learn how to fight them on your own. The Florida Property Insurance Fraud Report will give you the tools you need.

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