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Vote November '04

Next week you will have the chance to decide the future of your country, your state, and your city. Election Day is Tuesday.

The presidential election four years ago was not really decided by 500 or so voters in Florida, but by about 50 million eligible voters throughout the country who simply didn't vote. A small minority of voters chose our current president, legislature, state reps and county officials, because about half of the electorate just stayed home. Since then our country has been involved in two wars and our state economy has the highest unemployment in the country. This election, we'll also decide whether or not to vote again on a Port Huron casino, and whether to amend the state constitution.

I feel very, very strongly on these issues and on the people who will represent us. I'll be voting on next week. But on average, only about 10% of eligible voters decide what 100 % of citizens have to do. If you don't go to the polls, you exercise your democratic right to do nothing. That way, you leave it to me to make those choices for you. Next week, I'll be choosing. I hope you are, too.